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Road Kill Pheasant.

Yesterday on the way back home, about 5 miles from our house, there was a dead pheasant on the side of the road.

It was starting to be a bit stiff, but felt still a bit warm .. and almost intact except a small mark at the base of a wing .. and what looks like a broken neck ..

It's a road we use morning and evening, and it wasn't there in the morning .. so it's definitely fresh I would say ..

We now have it hanging in the shed, waiting for the casserole or roast ..

do you think it's safe enough ? would you eat it yourself ?

Also, how long should I let it hang for ? knowing that there was a couple of blood drop dripping out of the "beck' when hung upside down .. which I believe would be another sign of freshness ? Because I suppose the blood would solidify if it wasn't that fresh, would it ?

Road Kill Pheasant.
I would have no hesitation in taking it for the pot under those circumstances .
( But the law might have something to say about my right to do so ! ) .
Hanging is very much a matter of personal taste .
Assuming normal to cool outside shed conditions I would hang for 3 to 5 days but you can leave it until the feathers literally fall off if you wish . It would be very gamey by then .
The longer it is left to mature , the more unpleasant ( smelly ) the gutting process will be .
I don't bother to pluck these days -- takes too long . Just skin and take the breast + thigh sections . Slow cook with red wine & herbs . Yum !
Good luck
Road Kill Pheasant.
the law alows you to take an road killyou find or hit.
as for hanging time i know of one man who hangs them by the neak and waits until the bird hits the floor.
Road Kill Pheasant.

Well I am a rough old bugger and will eat most things, but road kill, or anything like that is definately out for me.
Road Kill Pheasant.
Yeah , but what gets killed on your roads
I have heard stories ............
Road Kill Pheasant.
Not wanting to delve too much into my merky past but, in my experience it may not be a good idea to hang it like a shot or trapped bird. It may well have severe internal damage, which could spill the contents of its guts into areas that you want to eat. Taint is a pleasent word for it. I would skin it and cut off the good meat and make a nice game stew. I would normally hang my pheasants for a month and always by the neck.
Road Kill Pheasant.
Top of the morning,

It's still hanging right now, and I forgot to hang it by the neck ..

But we will definitely stew it then ..

would you have a detailed explanation of how to skin it ? and the recipe for the stew ?

Road Kill Pheasant.
to skin, I cut from the neck, down the front to the arse, and then just peel it back. If you get your fingers in under the skin it will peel fairly easily. Treat it like a chicken stew, but add glugs of cabernet servignon (sp?), or something similar, and mushrooms galore.

I don't like gamey things, but have eaten pheasant that's not hung at all and just about cope with it. I can't deal with the maggots that come from long hanging. *shudder* I'd have no problem in eating it though. the english law (don't know about over here) is that you can't eat something you kill on the road, but you can eat something someone else kills. Ie, if a car in front of you hits a deer, and kills it, it's legal to strap that deer onto the roof and take it home for venison steaks - asuming it's dead, of course.
Road Kill Pheasant.
Not really wanting to get into a hugh debate on UK law. Been there too many times. The ownership of wild game is determined by where it dies and not who bred it or released it. So a phesant killed on a public road cannot be claimed by anyone, nore can anyone be prosecuted for claiming it. The rumour about picking up a bird that has been killed by the car infront was an explanetion as to how to kill a phesant and not be charged with trespass in persuit of game. As the bird died in a public place a charge of trespass cannot be brought to bare.

Game soup/stew. <Road kill soup>. If the casualty has full eyes then it can be deemed as fresh. Skin as described above chop up the meat and place in a large pot. Many differant species of animals can be used for this if you have the mind. Pick wild garlic leaves and the bulbs wash and add to the pot. Add seasonal edable fungi. Add root veg to tast. Add what ever you like. Season with salt to taste and cover with water, not too much the best soup/stew needs to be a bit on the thick side. Bring to the boil and then simmer all afternoon. This is a standard recipe for those who have only one pot to cook with For those with a full kitchen this now can be blended to make soup proper. I prefur to leave it a stew and add some dumplings half an hour before eating it. Love it
Road Kill Pheasant.
Hmm , free food in just one bloomin great pot which doesn't need watching too closely --- so that's the menu for our first meet-up then !
Road Kill Pheasant.
If you fancy we can bring it down with us and you show us how to skin it !

so far the OH only knows how to pluck and gut chickens !
Road Kill Pheasant.
I will formally make the offer of holding a grand finnishing Barby, at my place later this year for members of this forum. I will cook for you all a traditional, new age road kill stew with dumplings Those who wish to join this auspicious event will be required to bring with them, whatever they find squashed on the road while travelling here. Must be fresh
Road Kill Pheasant.
roast drunken pedestrian?

might have to make do with chicken of some sort from me!!
Road Kill Pheasant.
Road Kill Pheasant.
Ok! Ok!
Road Kill Pheasant.
Hello ..

We ate the pheasant yesterday evening ... and it was gorgeous .. and cooked on the stove we installed 2/3 weeks ago !

The OH prepared it with some bacon pieces, carrots, onions .. it was great !

and I'm still alive and well this morning so I believe it was definitely fresh ..

Road Kill Pheasant.
The illicit ones always taste the best.
Road Kill Pheasant.
was there insects on it anywhere? if so leave it, the maggot eggs are already laid, therwise go for it! the longer you hang it the stronger it gets, somaybe a week??
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