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the height advantage fakes excess

James the ball in the top of the key, the Barnes personal defense, James back body rely on two under, passed to Wade, the Heat offense. Dalembert pick-and-roll, Wade breakthrough small Gasol takeover. Wade rely speed advantage breakthrough. Akira small Gasol backward emergency stop missed a jumper, ########the Feng Ye stuck Bosh grabbed the rebound.

Heat players back on defense quickly, Feng Ye pass the ball to Thomas, slowly ran the Heat halftime. The main anti-people or Bosh. Feng Ye give up the pick and roll, the ball low. Thomas passed to Harrison. Ran to the bottom corner waiting for the opportunity, Harrison Wade head the ball to Feng Ye height advantage.

James can not be on the weak side rotations, then only Wade to double-team release Harrison, Harrison strong shooting ability, Wade also hesitant. Feng Ye catch relying on Bosh to play, he went inside the back right shoulder Qing Huang axis left foot, right foot recovered taken the step and then turned to the bottom line. Bosh seen through his feints and shifting step, jump jumper capping Feng Ye Feng Ye, raising his hand shot is also a feint, one leg lift but did not take off, his left foot is still standing firmly on the ground. This trick sublimated version of "foot stand has been considered one of the the league most powerful feint, people can not even be able to imitate several, which requires a good sense of balance. See Bosh jump, YE Feng immediately forward the hit Bosh voted out sideways at the same time the ball, the ball touch the box wide, but the referee whistle, won the free throw.

YE Feng made two free throws, 9 to 5.

Opening YE Feng playing very flexible, continuous score. To become a star, in addition to technical, more important is the perception.

Kenny Smith said: "the Feng Ye basketball IQ is perhaps the highest, he always knew how to do to seize each other's weaknesses to attack."

Buckley said: "If Bosh by foul trouble, reduced playing time, #####,the advantage will be on this side of the Clippers."

Heat inside, Bosh is the only star inside strength will be substantially reduced if his fate. YE Feng precisely calculating this point.

Heat offense, Bosh the ball in the right side of the low, Feng Ye a wish to retaliate. Raptors when he is the absolute core, known as the "Dragon King" himself led into the playoffs since lost his Raptors no longer have reached the playoffs, and mid-bottom of the league, can see the importance of his team system.

Heat, Bosh when leaders, his performance is worthy of the title of the third giant. James lifting the ball to Bosh, Clippers no one to help defend. Thibodeau use retro and thermal Rush, adhere to the one-on-one, not a last resort not on the double team. This in order to control the Heat's outside shooting game to their threes Clippers life.

Feng Ye withstood Bosh, unwilling to compromise. Than the physique he Bibo Shi footwall very robust. Bosh squeeze does not move to the Middle Road, turned, ready to rely on the height advantage the ball into Bosh turned, ####YE Feng turned legs knees, deliberately with the slow, stay out of the take-off space.

He was convinced that Bosh will not feint, the height advantage fakes excess. See through it, Bosh doomed to bad luck. His hook shot jump shot radians not high. Feng Ye full take-off from the side of his head flat box, right hand above the rim of a large portion of the ball beat the fan out.

Terrorist explosive, Hutchison cap Bosh fan Mongolia did not expect a hook shot can be covered. Two years YE Feng decrease in blocked shots, so many people have forgotten that he is single-game blocks on the double shot.

Barnes picked up a basketball, and immediately launched a counter-attack, fast under the ball to Thomas. The Clippers may not always have to fight positional warfare Barnes experienced a big threat to understand the speed of Thomas, can play on the break.

Thomas the ball forward field of red, Akira open Chalmers, Sharu closed layup. James fast in the back to catch up with Thomas before the first take-off, fly into the restricted area, the cap ball of the nail plate pressed in the backboard on the pop-up.

Feng Ye a ball this ball caps than just prettier, but Barnes picked up the ball to keep up with Wade in front of the defense, Barnes does not storm, the ball reached the hands of Zhong Feng Ye, than speed, Bosh is how Feng Ye opponent? He Zhong reached the ball into the sky, just completed capping James has returned to the basket.

They confrontation again. Feng Ye single handheld ball fully take off, no feint, ready positive dunk. James also jumped up, muscle tension, ####,right hand toward the basketball press go.

At this moment, time seems to pause. It is said that many Chinese fans felt "a ball to West, Tian Wai Fei ape momentum ...

The two collided in the air, the Feng Ye Tomahawk dunk heavy pound basket. James in the air, give birth to a regret the idea rivalry, capping Bryant, Anthony dunk he had in the basket, but Feng Ye, the two jumping ability, explosiveness quite, too close to the basket, James can not be he pressed.

The deduction of the ball into the basket! James unstable ground, or the bottom line! Feng Ye body tilt, but relied on their superior sense of balance on one leg landing stabilize stature. He sky and shouts loudly, assumed the victor.
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