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mixing different types of wood in the log pile
Unexpected windfall
wood and turf curing ( seasoning ) question
Coast Fossils
Views from the ( turf ) bog
Bog wood ( black oak ) pedestals in the making
Laburnum as firewood
What best (green) wood for posts in ground ?
fossilised shells ( in Ireland )
Some thoughts on processing wood
Do you know anything about a type of clay known as "dab
bog wood , bog oak , black oak
what is this log worth ?
how do you cook turf ?
useful feathers , fur , bones etc ?
counting tree rings ( to determine age )
timber to i/d
what have you managed to forage this month ?
Rock sculptures
wild flower caution -- Aconite AKA Monks Hood AKA Wolf Bane
preserving bullrush heads ?
Quaking Grass
Fool's Gold?
moss & interesting stuff for floristry etc
Turf cutting and other alternatives.
Rainwater harvesting
Pet rocks
turf cutting permit
Turbary Rights
Valuable Finds
fungi on the wood pile
Anyone identify this?
Cultivating giant puffball spore
Fungi Ident please.
St Georges fungi to be found soon
Amethyst Deceiver ( edible fungi )
Hedgehog Fungi ( edible )
Mushroom spawn plugs
collecting edible wild fungi
Navel or Penny Wort
Whoo hoo, found my first Cep/Penny Bun
St George's Mushroom
First giant puffballs
Chanterelle ( edible fungi )
pallets for turf
The process of " saving " turf
turf - how much is ...... ?
turf - how much is ...... ?
holly scavengers
Isn't nature wonderful
cracked / broken turf
cost of a load of turf this year ?
Ban on cutting turf
mineral i/d ?
what strange things have you found on your land ?
tree felling
stone age tool ?
fossilised plant i/d ?
fossil i/d --- coral ?
Meadowsweet ( the plant )
what approach
the cost of getting turf cut ?
uses for the different types of wood
panning for gold
bog wood
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