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Dogs for a specific purpose
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Guard dogs which let intruders IN
Feeding dogs
Little Lurcher
Organic Pest Control
Dogs for a specific purpose
how stop dog from chasing cyclists and horse riders ?
dogs eating rotten logs
Hare/ Rabbit/ Wallaby Hunting Dog
Ratting with Lurchers
New doggie -- Belgian Shepherd
overweight virgin bitch is lactating --- again !
My born killers at rest
Dogs for a nonspecific purpose....
recommended weight for Plummer Terrier ??
flea treatment / prevention for dogs ?
More gratuitous puppy pics.....
garlic as dog wormer - how often ?
New Lurcher
Lurchers in rescue centre
New Lurcher Type
Nice Walk
does neutering affect their sense of smell/instinct ?
Why do dogs eat turf ?
How do you train a terrier to go where you point ?
New Dog
Teenage saluki lurcher from hell
specific characteristics of Plummer terriers ??
Puppy Surprise
Daft dog injury
Working dog in action......
my new dog ( Plummer terrier )
My new arrival
ferrets and rabbits
Plummer terrier websites
Gundog Training
Doberman dogs
my lurcher
Kips first Rat
A tale about training hunting dogs.
New Member - Lurcher Stock Training help required
found a hound
Lurcher whistling at full pace
stock training a lurcher
Training a scent hound
Training a Lurcher pup
Some firsts for Kip
New Border Terrier
Border Terrier
French Rabitting dogs
Hancock lurchers
Hunting dogs -- Lurchers
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