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Taste difference due to pig breed it feed?
Would this be good pig fencing?
Home kill pigs
pig feed and fertility
Pig feeding trough
Filling in a Pig Herd Number form. Help please!
Will this pass the pig inspection?
Buying pigs
Will this fencing hold in 2 Berkshire pigs?
Pig Shelter
Mobile Pig Pen
How hardy are pigs?
GOS pigs
Pig Heard Number
Pig fencing, panels. advise needed.
Pig slaughter
Oxford Sandy and Blacks
Water Trough System
Pig dwelling
Pigs not drinking
Determining Pig Cuts
Yay!! Sold 2!!
Ticks on pigs
At Last, GOS
about junaid but rest can bowl
same time, over the last five years
dating to September 2001
suckling pig
sow coming back to heat
Male and Female Pigs, raised together
Gloster Old Spots wanted
Well done Macconraoi
Home kill.
single sow
tusks on breeding boar
Mangalitza boar
Co Kerry Abattoir
piglets from mom nd suckling pig
National Pig 'Census'
Pigs maybe a bit fat!
Pigs n ploughing
Irish Pig Society Show
growing after pigs
Looking for weaners in Connacht, or there-abouts
Link showing how to AI your Sow
Irish Pig Society
More this years pigs
This Years Pigs
River Cottage Pig in a Day
free pig book
Pig Breeders
Pot Bellied Pigs
Looking for 2 piglets - Cork
Red River Hog
preventing pigs from eating "illegal" food
Abbatoir Experience
1st time raising pigs, Great experience all round
large white
Happiness is a Pig with
feeding grower pigs ad lib
Weaners wanted
Our Pigs
keeping pigs in winter
Home Kill -- the law and regs ?
Best way to home kill?
glouster old spot / saddleback
What is a Micro Pig ?
Half a pig
Purebred Tamworth weaners
Best time of year for pigs
Sourcing piglets
gilt aborting
New Piglets
Pig Feed
Pig Housing
Tamworth Pigs
Abatoirs for Pigs
fencing for pigs
Dairy products and animal feed question
river water for livestock(pigs)
pig crush???
Finishing pigs
Pig fence
Too many piglets?
sows fighting
irish pig feed
4 year old boar gets the chop
wild boar
aujeszky disease testing
crops for pigs
pig movement documentation / lost pigs
Worthwhile to keep a sow?
Male/Female Piglets
floorless pig houses
registering pigs
Gm free pig feed
The Unhappy Pig Company
Out with the old, in with the new.
different breeds,sizes, living together
Wild Boar meat
Slap marker
Dept reg. re. home kill
boar tusks
Fencing & escape artists
the Middle White
Worming Pigs
sow milk substitute
Sheep wool as pig bedding ?
Weighting pigs
Curing bacon
ai or boar?
outside farrowing
Feeding troughs
killer pig
the " snuffles "
True Stories : Pig Business
swine flu
Rules and regulations
houdini pigs
Mixing weaners
Sunburnt ?
Weaners pictures
Feeding weaners
Scanning gilts
Weaners wanted
why no irish pig association?
Pig Hair Loss
pig health
mate for weaner
Herd number?
What to grow for the pigs?
Price to charge for pork products
contemplating porker
Optimum age & weight for slaughter
Rare breed semen
New arrivals (mastitis help)
Ear tags
wild boar
dangerous animals
what you need for pigs
weaning pigletts ( separating from mother )
Booklet Available, 'Rearing Piglets for the Table'
pb Gloucester Old Spot pigs for sale
pig tagging/herd number
pure breed / product labelling
pork prices
gestation period & farrowing
wild boar
Black Pudding - How to Collect Blood and Make It?
on moving pigs
GOS boar for hire?
what are the regulations around home-kill ?
Kune Kune
Pig Processing Pics
Wanted: pig keeper in urban area!
Girls looking for a boyfriend
Sick pig
what price for a pure-bred rare-breed ?
for how long do sows miss their piglets ?
estimate the weight of a pig ?
How do you water your pigs?
piglets for sale
pigs trotters
Hubby has gone mad
Abbatoir protocols
Dry & Air Cured Ham
Irish pig breeders?
Boar hunt
immunisation and dosing of pigs
Pigs and worms(round etc)
piq question
aaarrrggg no weaners
pig herd number
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