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Bumble bee nests
Merlin Falcon
Noisy birds
Pied Wagtail
native crayfish and freshwater mussels
Spotted Flycatcher
Hummingbird Moth
white bluebell
caterpillar i/d ?
Living the real life
Life-span of birds
Benefits of a pond.
Summer visitors
tits and coconuts
Hovering Buzzard
uncooked rice as wild bird food
Wildlife pond
help with birds of prey
Sea Eagles
Swallows , late hatch
Bat flying in daylight
First Cuckoo
First Swallow
Sea Eagles
Live webcam - Nesting wild bird
Woodpecker and a Weasel
Red Squirrel in the woods
Shrooms Galore
A good walk with the Dogs
will Pine Marten swim rivers ?
deer rutting
Badger just ate my duck !
Strange fly
I am not complaining.
House Martins
Things there are more or less of this year
Beatles ( late edit ...... specifically Dock Beetles )
Phil's lodgers
New Zealand Flatworm ---- harmful invasive species
Seal's at Sligo
harbinger of spring
summers on its way
fox had early Christmas supper
Horse Hair Worms ---- very freaky !
Tree i/d please
Was the call from a vixen or a dog fox ?
Sea mist, hot weather and midge
Wildlife First Aid
Does eating live maggots harm wild birds ?
Pine Marten sighting
Here be Wrens
Spring immigrants -- Cuckoo and Swallows
Frog spawn
Red Squirrel
More Eagle deaths
fox calling in the woods
injured Woodcock ( or Snipe ? )
campaign to stop approval of GM salmon
RSPCA Kill Golden Eagle
Petition against salmon farms at sea
protected species in the ROI -- FLORA
protected species in the ROI -- FISH & AMPHIBIANS
protected species in the ROI -- BIRDS
protected species in the ROI -- ANIMALS
which are protected species in the ROI ?
Magpies & their nests
ferrets in the wild ?
Why ??
Could it be an otter?
creatures coming in to the warm
a ''walking'' octopus
Ash Dieback desease
Whooper migration
plants to i/d
Polly Tunnel Pest Controle
Eric seagull
Dive bombers and learners
lovely scary looking bug
What egg is this from?
Pine Marten photo
flocks of .........
Cuckoo, cuckoo!
Sea Eagle
Swallow watch..
First sign of Spring
Do rats hunt mice ?
So exciting
wildlife observations
Any idea what this is ??????
Buzzard and Pine Marten
Slime Mould
two small mysteries
Coursing should be a drag!
Plenty of berries around.
Leech !!
Marten - mistaken i/d , protected species killed .
Golden Eagles over the Ox mountains ?
mink released
are bumble bees a protected species ?
Rats and Wiels disease
Kestrel learns new trick
amusing animal behaviour
Changes is Nature
predatory bees ?
What do Jays eat ?
one for Gardener and one for Blowin
Swallows are back
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