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Folklore and your own strange stories
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Hail the Sabbat.
ferrets and whooping cough
Fairy rocks
Ever wondered how to make unicorn stew ?
Fairy beliefs - Lecture, Isle of Man
''fairy coffins'' found in Edinburgh (1836)
what cure for poison from Blackthorn ?
What "cure" for deep thorns ?
The moon's names - for the poets amongst us
Mystical staffs
The Lord's Prayer -- one interpretation
Mythical Ireland
strange fruit
Onions cure-for-all ...or not ?
" Will O' The Whisps "
The Stirring Rock - Ox Mountains, Co Sligo
Does anyone make their own potions ?
old wives tales/cures that work
using wood from a fairy ford, jay or nay ?
good article about fairy forts
cure for a long marrage
Cure for choking
cure for hiccoughs
St Patrick's Day
Getting the ''cure''
Nature Spirits
don't mess with the faeries !
causing one to get lost
Nothing strange , then ?
photoallergenic plants
injury from black & haw thorn
The blue light
mystical associations of trees
coincidence or what ?
Banshee spotted!
big dig
The Moon
Healthy organics
how many significant coincidences in a normal week ?
do you see colours in flames ?
newts help to heal burns
Fairy Tree and Fairy Fire
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