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General gardening - flowers , trees, aquatic, etc
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can you i/d this tree ?
rotting at the base of coppiced trees
can you kill Flag Iris by crushing it ?
Comfrey juice.
Pulling Ragwort
Strating seeds indoors - my method
Rats and Wiels disease
Polytunnel Planning
Bletting Medlars.
Grass and weeds control in orchard
Busy time.
Wondow Box Building Steps
Garden Greenhouse Building Steps - My Greenhouse
Off grid
Fodder seed
Melons on compost
bracken and fern fronds on the compost heap
Don't blame the seed co , just catch the mice
the sewn bag brain teaser
midge control or repellant
Midge hoover
how to clean an old bath
solid fuel ( turf ) range
petrol as antifreeze in diesel
don't tilt domestic oil tanks
creosote chimney flue build-up
Building my own greenhouse
Thistles . Lots of thistles .
Wilting Trees
Mint Leaves
Clearing overgrown land
Garden Greenhouse building pictures
AVOCADO TREES --my ongoing mission impossible
hedge laying anyone..
Getting rid of Bracken
"long bottom leaf"
The Wonderful Gardens Of Post Norman England
When is the best time to clean out a pond ?
Ponds in polytunnels!!!
Bog garden
spuds to help rose cuttings take root ?
can I keep a magnolia small ?
Petunias and Lobelia
ground temperature - surely not ready for growing anything
raw egg in a planter as fertilizer
control of Ragwort
Pond Liner Building a New pond advice
how do you smoke out rats ?
Looking for Pheasant berry (Leycesteria formosa) berries
Could anyone identify this tree ?
anyone seen wasps this year ?
pulling up docks to get rid of them
what do you do with turf ash from the range ?
is there any good use for turf mold ( dust ) ?
Will 'willow' do the trick?
Vertical aquaponic small scale fish farm
I said nature's clock had gone mad!
trough "what a buy"
Natures clocks on fast ahead setting
pansy seeds
The rusty counter
Showers, wet wet & more wet
Pond plants
Small scale fish farming
The sun shines on those who wait!
Straw flower
growing by the moon
weeds from a weed's point of view.
what a find,
Leyland cypress Hedging
Photinia screening "hedge"
Plan a nice hedge for cover and a nice sight
Wter fly's
Hole in one
what affect does methane gas have on pond life ?
Gardening and what to wear
butternut squash
It's a wet one,
Did all that rain cause damage in your garden?
reeds, rushes, that thick nasty grass
it's Naked Gardening Day today
plants/shrubs that need a lot of water
We're only landlords really!
Invasive non native species
A good days work done,
The paths finished
How to show
sweet pea's
Taking stock of winter damage
Living willow "bender" or hide -- pics
Lets get this thread really growing
hedge laying blowin stylie ( pic heavy )
Hedge laying --- Sea Buckthorn
Tree and plant ties
how get willow to branch from low down the trunk ??
No smell without smoke.
A half and half day.
A very, very, rare find???????
Start of another weeks gardening.
Never enough time
A mixed enjoyable day.
November's day but it feels like the first of may.
Never say dare
Even on a dull day
Why oh why
A sight worth seeing
With the best intention in the world
Warm and sunny and weeds
beware of tractor drivers
cheap overalls
Current projects...
Polytunnel help
how to make a small fortune from smallholding
pasture management
Cost !!!
midges..gnats.flying insects ?????
weather predictions
Guess what .. (now with the answer)
Rain and wind damage.
How do you get rid of Flag Iris ?
Broken Eggs
Contorted Will
deterrent for deer
How to deter unwelcome visitors ( pykies )
Weed Killing : animal friendly chemicals???
dogs and car wheels - you wouldn't think of this !
One down .. more to go ?
Eggs stolen
soil types and Ph levels
*$"*IN* Midges
midge control
removing ticks
Bee tobacco - smokable ?
pregnant ladies and lambing
control of liver fluke
How often do you buy standard chicken? etc
US beef...
different types of lime
Hour rate for farm helper (cowboy ?)
chicken welfare chicken out
hedge laying
setting Fenn traps
Sabbatical Fallow farming
Natural Organics.
xmas trees and weedkillers
photoallergenic plants
strimming techniques
reporting fires
not appy
uses for / disposal of ruined hay ?
injury from black & haw thorn
fish-kill , mink or otter ?
rushes for animal bedding ?
your daily routine ?
tis the brewing season
A Cure for Wind
Going on a diet.
What should we be doing now
things to do without delay
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