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Wild Foods
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wild strawberries
Blackthorn flowers
Identification please
Edible Fungi
St George's Mushroom
Fungi Foraging
CTT annual Fungi Forage
waiting for the wild garlic
A late crop of field mushrooms ( or is it ? )
foraging as shown on tv
Foraging fantastic this year
Sloes fat and ripe
lawyers cap
Fungi Hunting
found on a fungi foray
Mushroom ID
Himalayan Bog Bean
Chick weed - edible
Oyster fungi
Earth Star
Wild food -- Burdock
Fungi Forage
first wild fungi experience not great
Yesterdays Breakfast
Did I do a very foolish thing?
Funghi i/d if possible ?
Oyster fungi
pleasant surprise foraging
one for the pot ??
Dryads Saddle --- fungi
Fresh rabbit
what edible fungi have you found in Ireland ?
Birdock roots
Oyster mushrooms
Fungi to i/d
how can you be sure road kill is ok ?
wild strawberries
Bog Myrtle
Japanese Knotweed
Morels ( edible fungi )
Selling rabbit meat?
Foraging 2012
A variation on road-kill ( and other ramblings ) .
Sea Buckthorn
fungi platter
Strawberry Tree
Some Fungi Photos
Fungi i/d --this looks like an excellent online tool
Mushroom Hunting
Fungi Ident please.
Anyone identify this?
the cost of getting turf cut ?
Chamomile tea
wild strawberries
plenty of fungi in the woods now
First giant puffballs
Wood Sorrel
Navel or Penny Wort
St George's Mushroom
redcurrants and blackcurrants pruning
Wild food finding.
Catching pheasants
Anyone identify this?
Whoo hoo, found my first Cep/Penny Bun
the wild harvest begins
Hedgehog Fungi ( edible )
Chanterelle ( edible fungi )
Amethyst Deceiver ( edible fungi )
hawthorn berry edible "leather"
Fruit farms where you can pick your own
wild garlic
protected species
sloe cordial
Tree surgons
Wild Aurumn fruit.
sea kale
Fungi Ident please.
soak green Ash to improve burning ! ???
strange little bird
St Georges fungi to be found soon
pig nuts ( the edible root , not weaner food ! )
taking cuttings
holly trunks
ground elder ( nice to eat ! )
Fairy Tree.
any thing good to do with gorse
water cress
Ground Elder
top soil
Native trees
collecting edible wild fungi
fuschia berries
Sloe Gin
uses for Alder wood ??
Wind Falls!
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