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Poultry & other birds
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Oat cuisine
Sad day today!
Selling poultry to local butcher advise needed
Ex Batts wanted.
Bedding for hens
I butchered my broilers
Ducks (for ating!)
Goose sitting
Green Muscle Disease in broiler
Introducing new hens to a flock
How much should I sell quail eggs for?
First quail from our land!
Broiler dispatch
Broken eggs - magpies or hens?
Poultry Grower vs Finnisher
How to store poultry?
Murder scene in chicken shed
Freezing eggs
Question for ye
What is the difference
What would these chickens taste like?
Review of cheap nasty Chinese propagator.
Flock number
Quail pen
Spring Is Coming
Silver Appleyards.
Guinea hens
Meat Bird Recommendations for Chicken, Duck and Geese
Avian flu
Supermarket eggs
Which incubator?
Geese started laying ...AGAIN!
Diatomaceous earth
Chicken feed....
Thieving Rotten Magpies
Broilers Question.
Feeding ducklings
Breeding plan for the year?
Poultry prices
Eggs being eaten again.
What are these chicks?
Trouble with Sebright Chicks.
Goose still laying
I want to make my own feed
Laying Ducks Querry
Sebright Chicks
Introducing goslings to mum & dad
Settings for chicken incubator - Procedures
Hatching Chicken eggs in an incubator - Instructions
Four season chicken coop building steps
Poorly goose
Chicks dying off heat
Fussy cock.
Goose shed
Help with chicks
Eggs Hatched
Duck eggs
Ducks and Geese
Goose Nest Box
Incubation Equipment - Hygrometer
Geese Dispatching
Broody hen
New Preditor
Visits at all hours of the night.
chicken grower stockists in Cork
Can chickens get cancer?
Geese Drowning
paralysed chick?
scaly leg
Some questions on raising geese for the first time
Attempting to incubate hens
Deep Litter Method
Success with ducklings!
eggless shell?
Chicken lays a giant egg in Chinese village
Hatch Ireland
Duck eggs under a hen?
fertile eggs for hatching.
Prices of Bantams
Turkeys for christmas
wanted, pure bantam rhode island red rooster
silly woman!!
Hen House - How to build hen coop - My building idea
Duck ponds
I give up ! ( mink strike again )
New Layers
Looking for a gander
Anybody selling fowl for a New Year dinner
registering flocks
early breeding
ducks killed by .... what ? ( nb GRIM PICS ! )
Magpies/Jackdaws Eating Hen & Duck Eggs!
There are plenty of duck eggs........ if you can find them !
Poultry Market Roscommon
Whole vs rolled oats -- which are the best value ?
Dispatching Fowl. Shows pictures of dead Fowl
something to do!
Thundery weather disrupts incubation , a horse shoe helps
poultry show
2 geese sharing the incubation
can you hatch duck eggs under broody goose ?
Can overfeeding cause hens to stop laying ?
hatching duck eggs in an incubator
How to sex an ( unhatched ) hen egg ?
Is there a stud service for geese or other fowl ?
your place or mine quack quack ?
Geese have started laying
prize muscovy drake
Hens' Teeth
pomeranian gander
Fleas in the coup
How sex ducklings ?
Battery hen rescue
Farm Ranger, Wessex Supreme
5 laying hens
fly strike -- on cockerel ( Not for the squeamish )
Keeping Ducks & Chickens on the same run
Can geese be used to incubate other species eg ducks ?
Goose sitting on infertile eggs -- what should I do ?
Help - poor rooster needs to say bye bye
care of ducklings - advice needed
half incubated eggs possibly eaten by broody hen
Tidy duckling keeping?
Aylesbury laying season and feathering age?
New bird flu strain kill's 2
popping duck's eggs under broody hen ?
Best-tasting Quail?
what is the going rate for a goose egg ?
Sexing Goose
Anybody selling eggs by post?
goose eggs
where to buy pheasant eggs ?
how do you tell a goose from a gander ?
would feeding crushed eggshell to hens be a good idea ?
how much supplementary feed req'd for free range geese ?
Do domestic geese like to swim ?
duck with wet feathers (ie not shedding water )
introducing new geese to the flock
Current price of live geese ?
Guinea Fowl homing instinct ?
Pomeranian Gander
Flighty fowl
Any need to separate a cockerel from its relatives ?
Jubilee Orpington rooster
Hatching quail
Incubating Guinea Fowl eggs ??
cause of horrid duck egg ?? ( DON'T LOOK BEFORE BREAKFAST !)
Quail eggs for hatching wanted
pheasant eggs
End of a good run...
Tumour on Goose
how many goose eggs per season ?
mink and water fowl ( ducks )
hatching rates with bought-in eggs
what to feed ducklings???
incubating duck eggs ?
turkeys are bad mothers
Cute fox
what best feed for laying ducks and geese ?
What nesting arrangement for ducks and geese ?
what do you feed your hens ?
Honesty Box
hens dividing new chick minding time
hen with messy back end
Lobster supper for hens
Birdflu detected near Dutch/Belgian border
hypnotising hens ( to immobilise them )
Bird catching net
ducks and geese
White Doves wanted
Rehoming ex batts
Treating a wooden henhouse
Chickens for the table - what breeds?
Wet Plucking
treadle feeders
hanging turkeys
guinea fowl
missing hens
Breeding ducks for meat
New hens with old
turkey housing
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