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Alternative energy & fuels
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Waste vegetable oil
Pellet Stoves
The refuse/bin dilemma
Off grid
supplementary central heating ?
Sealing stove pipes
grant scheme for planting biomass willow
Power output from wind turbines
Solid fuel burner and buffer tank
Methane Production.
DIY and Recycling
Making fire blocks from chips
cost of electricity vs bottled gas ?
how capture "wasted" heat from an open fireplace ?
New Project ( handmade rocket stove)
Where to get 100mm stovepipe
wind turbine and solar panel
Power your own car
Charcoal burning 2 (pic heavy)
burning tar from the range in the range
sawdust as fuel for the range
Making Charcoal
One Mans broken Bough is anothers
Start of the water harvesting
Firewood near Dublin
Bio fuels
No Content
Eco Heating systems
sewage for heating
Non electric lighting
realtively cheap hydro-electricity ?
bite the bullet
Lighting fires with diesel
oil seed rape burner
Tree species for sustainable wood
coppiced wood
rainwater harvesting
kit houses
Boiler advise needed.
veg oil alternative to diesel
drinking-water purification : advice needed
getting a well / bore-hole dug. Warning - this is long !
Willow and/or pellets?
water-testing of roadside wells
A new boiler needed.
New wood stove announced
Wood Stove
DIY Solar Panels
Loft Insulation
wood pellet boilers
Grey water questions
government grants
Heat Recovery System.
Build your own Wind generator.
Transport in the future!
Dry Bog
The traditional way
Can anyone recommend a well-borer ?
Solar Panels, our families experiences
Wood Pellets?
wind energy
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