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Penetrating captive bolt gun
I got me some Rabbits and Quail!
Electric Fence Help and Advise Please
Anyone raise 'small' cattle
Horse diet
Another late spring
First Time - Electric Fence
Pig Herd No. & Numbers of pigs allowed
Law's and licences for keeping animals on homestead
What happens after the abattoir?
focus on putting the fire out
grassroots system to bring
home killing
sustainable Farming
non GM feeds
25kg bags of seaweed
is it ok to spread horse manure on sheep pasture ?
long snouted,long haired, PIG
Rare breeds for sale in Ireland
Pigs in winter
National Organic Training Skillnet short courses
A Small water trough
Pig breeds
Boar Goats.
hand milking
Rabbit Meat
Our Pigs
Re:Registered Gloucester oldspot weaners
Pig Housing
fencing for pigs
Purebred Tamworth weaners
Best time of year for pigs
Sourcing piglets
Info website
Special Offer
Connollys Red Mills Feed Stuff
wood chip bedding
barley v's oats
price of silage
selling to restaurants
Poison feed
home-reared meat and pre-conditioned pallets
More on Bees
Wanted: pig keeper in urban area!
salt/mineral licks?
Home Slaughter Debate on Joe Duffy 'Liveline'
protein ( fattening ) values
Calling Leitrim & Sligo beekeepers
liability for animals
Skinning a pheasant. WARNING: Explicit pictures.
bee keeping
Incubator Advice.
Raising animals to eat
Pigs in Clare/Mid-West
Road Kill Pheasant.
Small Holder Range (GM Free Animal Feeds)
Puck Goat, Clare?
idiots guide to keeping hens
Sexing chicks.
Pigs & Lice
Vietmaknees Pot Bellies.
chicken registration / flock number
pigs and liver fluke
piggy food
pigs & brambles
Pigs off their food
Goat breeds
pigs and electric fencing
Goat's horn.
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Goat Fencing & Tethering
Boar Goats.
Goats, parasites
Goat Lice
Pig Food
housing pigs
Oh crap ! - another broody hen
breeding age for pigs ?
Goat info please.
Big DIY Feeder with plans
has bird flu changed your atttitude?
Bird Flu in England
Update on the chicks.
electric mesh for chickens
Hen Talk
Red Mites
Chick feeder
Help sexing chicks.
getting chooks soon
Selling birds.
what do we know about eggs ?
hen houses
Mineral Licks for Goats? & milking does with kids?
Your animals
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Goat's horn.
will pigs help or hinder drainage
Pigs off their food
Goat Fencing & Tethering
piggy food
the type of sheep which don't need shearing
Goat breeds
what does barley "do" for animals ?
feeding soya to lambs
limited gene pools in Ireland
which kind of flies "strike" sheep ?
Vietmaknees Pot Bellies.
Pigs & Lice
Puck Goat, Clare?
Raising animals to eat
piggie dinner
do pigs eat hay ?
pigs and electric fencing
breeding Arctic Char ( fish -- a bit like sea trout )
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