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Weed suppression
Pest control in apples
Peaches galore.
First Apples.
germinating seeds in a hot polytunnel
Red Duke o' York
Rocket science
handy berry picking accessories
harvest now , no time to waste !
Chard as a vegetable
Selling eggs help for info please
First gooseberries of the season
How do u deter birds from picking flowers off fruit trees ?
Caterpillars On Fruit Bushes
Spud bugs
Runner beans
To dig, or not to dig? That is the question.
Runner beans
Started the growing season yet?
Growing mushrooms
Seed supliers
New firewood season
Harvest time.
Please ID This fruit tree for me
Brussel Sprout Flowers
Spuds are coming up.
Stubble beet
Polytunnel Re-Covered
Raised Beds.
Frost tolerance of veg.
Spuds in trugs
what rootstock might this be ?
Sorry looking pear tree
Fodder seeds, where to buy?
Are these Mushrooms edible?
Almond trees
Tomatoes from cuttings
Mature willows died
Potato Blight!.
new regs for spraying
Fruit Trees In Lidls Tomorrow.
does any one have 1 arce or 2 acres smallholding
Veg you can re-grow from scraps
fodder to plant this time of year for pigs
Single Digging, It'll Keep You Fit Over Winter!
rhubarb leaf insecticide or how to answer a question .
still harvesting in the poly tunel
Growing figs in a polly tunel
Can you eat dried runner beans ( the bean without the pod )
Grey mould / blight ... Poly tunnel humidity
Bracken as compost
Tomorite tomato feed
Bugger !! ( Victoria plums )
Ladybirds eating cherries ?
Christmas tree growing
Underplanting with Poached Egg Plant (Limnanthes douglasii)
Fruit thieves
can you mulch Blueberries with grass cuttings and wood ash ?
Broad bean leafy bits / tops
Lazy grower's tip Number 2
What treatment for a field full of moss ?
fruit trees, what varieties?
Brussel Sprout leafy bits
Walk-behind tractors
Build a $300 underground greenhouse for year-round gardening
too late to plant garlic ?
Water but pump
Apple glut
How was Harvest 2013 ?
Threshing display
cherry tomatoes not ripening
Ripening apples
soil testing
Cross pollination question....
August Update...
brasscias devoured by every flying pest on earth
home-grown feast
Cutting small branches for fire wood
What is this?
don't think apple trees have been pollinated
invaders among the runner beans
harvesting spinach
Tomato problems please help
Weeds or seedlings - please help
bad soil or bad weather ?
Making Digger blown trees safe (pic heavy)
Sugar Beet
planting/growing jerusalem artichokes
mulch for Blueberries
Today I have been planting.....
free poly tunnel handbook
Grass without machinery
effect of all this rain on soil
Strawberries in West Mayo
gardening according to the biodynamic calendar
there seems to be money in Christmas trees.
Copper as a slug barrier
Polly tunnel Irigation
Field Drains Depth
Wool / fleece as weed suppressant around trees
a dummy's guide to growing garlic
silage 2012
Mangel Wurzels ???
how was everyone's harvest from the veg garden?
Apple Scions
Chilli ID help?
My house cleaner attacked my banana plant
Butternut squash
Almond trees
can celery withstand frost
how's everyone else's cabbages doing ?
the best way to plant herbs ?
Help with Turnips please
Wording for a Grazing Licence ??
hairy mould on soil indoor chili plant
sowing/planting for a warm late summer/autumn ?
Bolting onions
Tomatoes & Tobacco Mosaic Virus
Carrot sowing tip
Is there a limit on growing plants from strawberry runners ?
victoria plums
a lot of veg starting to bolt
Potato flowers
the older the wiser
the older the wiser
Runner beans not doing well
Greenhouse filling
Today we mowed the lawn
Courgette ( ? ) help needed....
how is anyone else's fruit doing?
fruit bush,
Strawberry problem - seeking culprit(s)
Small bag silage
making small scale haylage / silage - for cattle ?
A shock today.
Want a gate thats different?
Sometimes we can get it wrong
New thought ref slugs
Get ready for winter "greenhouse"
A smashing day out
Garden still looks nice,
IM Warming up now
blueberry/black currant cross pollination
Ive been framed
How much to grow?
Water water every where or not.
raised beds & why?
what are you planning to grow this year ?
protecting fruit tree blossoms from frost ?
planting and growing horseradish
PLant pots & easy sowing veg & flowers
tonights topic info on compost bags
compost and what its all about
More for the new to gardening
And finally.....
Today in the garden
is turf ash good for the plants ?
Wilted comfrey leaves
What are you sowing at the moment ?
Carrots and parsnips in seed trays.
mice in the pollytunel ate all the new bean seedlings !!
too late for pruning fruit trees and moving fruit bushes?
Best buys
Not seen a soul
Woodlouse damage to veg
question asked
growing exotic in the polytunnel
control of blackfly
rights of access across private land
midge control or repellant
wild strawberries
the wild harvest begins
Onion running to seed
Slugs....what can I do?
Be warned - home sprouting - E. coli
GIY Portumna
jerusalem artichoke tubars
growing hops
Storing Onions
Brussel's Cabbage
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