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Fishing & Field Sports . All types of Vermin Control
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Tying traces such as for mackerel feathers
Polnadiva pier, Co Sligo
Spider Crabs
A brief session on pier
fishing with braid vs mono line
Larson trap
Gun licence help please (Ireland)
How do you clean seaweed off a launching slip ?
A lateral solution to a boat problem
Bass Ban.
Catch a Conger
River fishing in Co. Louth
Woodcock sale ban
Fish in Loch Easky ?
portable wireless fish finder ( "Lucky" brand )
Crows and Jackdaws in the chicken shed.
will vehicle exhaust fumes kill or smoke out rats ?
How do you find the fox hole ?
NO salmon in the pond
put cinders in your boots if messing with badgers !!
night fishing
pier fishing
Sea fishing
Metal Detecting Legal in Ireland
Save our mackerel petition
midge in the house
wild brown trout from the pond
midge in the trees
fishing among weed carried by a current
unusual sea fishing catch
Coalfish are better in batter
Larsen traps and foxes.
keeping the fox at bay when you are away
Beach Casting
the colour of eyes seen when lamping
In fishing terms , what is a "pinkeen" ?
Building lime --- as used in poaching ?
Conversion ratio --fish -- fresh to on plate weights
Boat fishing report , Sligo Bay , 16/7/2013
why some Brown turn into Sea Trout ?
Red Tide back already
Bl"£"dy rats
Stalking Brown Trout
Telling fresh from spent salmon
sea fishing chart -- fish by month
Stanley vacuum ( thermos type ) flask
when do you pack up ( fishing ) ?
maintenance of cage traps
sea fishing video ( yoututbe )
Fen Trap (shows pics of dead animals)
How large is a fox's territory ?
Salt Water Fly Fishing
from what distance can trout locate food ?
Are slugs any good as bait ?
Mouse & rat traps , baits , deterrents
Walk with a Hawk
Tickling fish
bait for crab pots
Regulations on using long lines and gill nets from shore?
Difference between Field and House mice ??
Invaders must die
De-boning mackerel / mackerel pate
Pouting and Wrasse for the table ??
Fishing tip -- do check the strength of your old mono line !
possible boat fishing trip / get together
boat fishing , Sligo bay 17/8/2012
Are Dogfish any good to eat ?
Sea fishing - An unusual catch for Sligo bay
"Digging " ( Fox & Badger )
working dogs -- ferrets and mink
looking for shore plaice marks in sligo,mayo,donegal,galway
North Atlantic Swell Chart
kennel club PC.
Cast nets revisited.
fishing for squid
Spider crabs
fish filleting video and knives
human contagion from wild rabbits
Sea Angling - Predictable fishing
Fishing season dates , min/max size & bag limits ?
LACS lose cameras
where does the river / estuary become "sea" ??
boat fishing report and ramblings - sligo bay 23/8/11
worms which are found in fish guts and flesh
knot for making string of feathers ??
distress call heard on boat radio
what do you take with you on fishing trips ?
Best , worst and scariest moments fishing ?
Boat fishing report - Sligo Bay 24/7/11
Hunting dogs -- Lurchers
French Rabitting dogs
Border Terrier
New Border Terrier
Some firsts for Kip
My new dog
Training a Lurcher pup
High Frequency Dog Whistles.
Training a scent hound
self-training dog or who trains who ?
stock training a lurcher
Brandling worms as fish bait ?
Bee grubs as trout fishing bait ?
effect of atmospheric pressure on fish feeding ?
WD40 , or similar , as a bait additive
WD40 , or similar , on fishing line
Verdigris on rod rings
freezing mackerel
mackerel bashing
Fishing line - braid vs conventional nylon
hooking worms for wild trout fishing
bait digging - Sligo coastline
Wild ducks
Guess the birds
Lurcher whistling at full pace
Hancock lurchers
3 Braces of pheasant
Question re AFTM number of fly fishing rods
Fox trouble - sorted !
First Earth work
Springer/Fen traps
Ban on hare coursing
Hare Coursing
Fox Brush
Tracking in the Snow
What is it
salmon migration and feeding habits
rabbiting permission
Hunting with cats
mink tales
fly fishing for mullet
fishing for pollack
A potential idiot needs fishy advice
fishing marks
wild brownies ( trout )
are the mullet in yet ( Sligo / Mayo ) ?
Pollack off the rocks ( Sligo / Mayo )
are the mackerel in yet ( Sligo / Mayo ) ?
Fishing report ( freshwater )
eel fishing
A present from a friend!
freshwater crayfish
Distance casting.
the first mackerel
Fishing about.
fishing stuff -- Lidl 31/03 ( ROI )
Angling Regulations
salmon in the fish pond
Pike fishing -- new regs
DLRCoCo seek to ban beach fishing
Shooting and fishing in Ireland
Inflatables for sea fishing.
peeler crabs ( bait )
spider crabs
are the mackerel in yet ?
Driven Shoots
Driven Shoots
trout jumping
Fly fishing.
return of State salmon & sea trout fishing licences
any shore ( beach / rock / pier ) anglers on the forum ?
any boat anglers out there ?
Shotgun Licencies.
bleeding lampers.........
Falconry and Archery.
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