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latest creation
moisture meter for testing firewood logs ?
can you recommend a log splitter ?
ash planks etc
remote surveillance or "game camera"
repairing jeans / work trousers
what do you use to renovate Gore-Tex garments ?
home-smoking chamber in the chimney stack ?
Chicken Wire Fence Pegs
Sliding mini poly tunnel.
D.I.Y. polytunnel
renovating enamel on an old iron bathtub
DIY ceiling insulation
Stone resistant to heat
how to clean an old bath
solid fuel ( turf ) range
don't tilt domestic oil tanks
creosote chimney flue build-up
combi oil boiler
lagging narrow external pipes ?
fixing smoke leaks from solid fuel range
anyone know anything about marble tiles/grout
raw wool as loft insulation
Roofing material like synthetic slate ?
oak sleepers, telegraph poles
Re-using old window glass ??
My latest project with the help of a bricky tool
something to do!
Water Filter
is there an anti fog treatment for existing poly tunnels ?
Q about vapour ingress into loft space
Lime pointing and render
Plastic Bottle Greenhouse
Building Wood Shed for firewood storage
new light fitting
light switch went bang -- advice please !
Farmhouse Deck Design Idea - Building Pictures
Build Shed doors - DIY Instructions
Knife/blade making
fuel mix for CPS brand chainsaw ?
Polythene ( polytunnel ) repair tape
cleaning / renovating metal using electrolysis ?
The gripper thing for dragging logs ?
Are ceramic knives as good as the ads suggest ?
soil ph tester
Anti-condensation treatment for poly tunnel ?
Manual strimmer
Anyone know about 'axle weights'?
Keys and padlocks
Does Anyone Know What This Is?
Heavy duty winch ?
how stop a plastic clip from slipping around a metal rail ?
Where can I get an Ifor Williams jeep canopy?
two wheeled tractor
Ford Dexta Re-Bore.
equipment from Felixstowe, Suffolk to Cavan
butter churn coffee table (pic heavy!)
Q about compatibility of vehicle alternator and battery
Concrete solutions
Flower press
things to do with drift wood
Recycling trampolines
Star Gazing
working with antler
what to use for re-boarding a small trailer ?
new toys for boys
Rock sculptures
cheap welding m/c in Lidl this Thurs
Charcoal lighting chimney
African keyhole garden
can you recommend a log splitter ?
Can you rejuvenate a tired old car battery ?
copper or silver plating organic material eg skulls, leaves
plantable paper
useful feathers , fur , bones etc ?
"Soot Reducer"
curly bit of wire on range firebox door
how can you make your own writing paper ?
Barrel repair
Saw Horse
V8 Chainsaw
The perfect farmyard
Anyone familiar with Landrovers ?
Re cycled gas BBQ
purpose of air vent on gas ring ?
Flux for melting lead ?
re-using pallets
Antiques and oddities
moss for floristry and other purposes
Taxidermy / skull bones
Mains fencer
combi strimmers
antler buttons - structure not what I thought I would be
any idea how to recycle old beer keg
scrapping a van
Howard Bulldog/Bullfinch Rotavator
Hot smoker MK1 (pic heavy)
Basket weavers ?
petrol as antifreeze in diesel
solid fuel ranges - considerations when choosing
how to sharpen an axe
how to sharpen knives
spoons made of Yew wood
which implements for tractor
what tractor?
ragwort/ boclon puller
pimp my tractor
Cold Smoker (Edited with comments)
How sharp are you knives.
Post hole borers
Projects for the new year.
spray foam
Homemade Soap
Metal detectors
Midge hoover
Home made roof rack for jeep
Chicken feeder
Remote Pc Assistance.
building a home smoker
pallet housing
Hot off the wheel.......
Cleaning tank
knitting pattern wanted
saw horse
question about 3 phase motors
setting up an electric fence
advice wanted re:wood carving tools
general hints and tips
Dairy pruducts at Farmers markets.
Alpaca Wool
difficulty starting 2 stroke strimmers , mowers , etc
can you recommend a knife-sharpening gadget ?
Keep it clean ( MOD EDIT - the tracks on a digger ! )
A sturdy farm gate ..
Dairy Products.
traditional styles of wand or ceremonial stick
the sewn bag brain teaser
making walking sticks
rug hooking
spinning wool
midge control or repellant
Anyone made a log splitter?
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