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On the Shores
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Free Diving for Scallops, Lobsters etc.
Bait Digging.
Fish ID?
WTF is that ???
FYI :- the rate at which the tide comes in
Sea Urchins
treating jellyfish stings
"Red Tide" --- CAUTION -- toxic shellfish
strange find
Caution on sandy beach - Lesser Weever Fish
Portuguese Man O War jellyfish
sea kale
razor clams
big "rogue" waves this weekend
Bait Digging.
Winkles Galore
cooking crab ( not for the squeamish ! )
lobster pot
Flotsum and Jetsum
razor clams
coastal food project
ambergris -- the identification of
sea weed for the garden
Sea Bait.
crab fishing
beachcombing finds
Long lining.
"cast netting" from the sea shore
big eels in the lochs
native freshwater mussels and crayfish
sea urchins ( the eating of )
fishing seasons and bag limits
Sea Fishing.
Fishing using nets, lines pots etc, ropework etc
"Red Tide" ( plankton bloom ) monitor
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