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No phones in heaven.

You may be the richest person in the world,
You may have all money can buy,

It's then you know theres one thing in life you cant have no matter how much or how hard you try,

If your lucky enough to have started life without?
you'll have a sense of some value and thats better than nowt.

But the watch on your wrist could be the best ever made the kind that would never lie,

But theres one thing for certain as it ticks "Times passing by".

Your wealth wont stop it and thats for sure and many a man has thought " I should have done more,"

More to enjoy all thats around,  Go and discover those wild flowers on the ground.

Man made concrete and such like but you'll see more by slowing down, ditch the fast car! try walking or cycling "use your bike".

Try looking into your loved ones eyes, no matter your age,
cuddle each other while your both here, while your both alive.

Dont get to the stage were your lost and alone and wish you could say
I wish there was a number to heaven on the phone theres something i didnt say!.

By Daniel Seamingway.

So good because is so true and a bit sadd.

       Country Talk and Tips Forum Index -> Books , short stories , poetry
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