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how do you tell a goose from a gander ?

Is there an obvious or easy way to tell a goose from a gander, assuming that the colour of plumage is the same on both genders ( white ) ?
Comparison of features might not be the answer because all 3 of the birds in question could well be the same sex .

As much as I have tried, I have failed to sex Geese. I think its one of those sceptic peg things. You either have it , or you dont. We took a Gosling to the last fair in Roscommon and started the great debate. We didnt know its sex, but all the Goose experts did. It was a Male, or a Female . Then it would change to a Female or Male. The chap who bought it from us is going to wait until it starts to mount or squat



post a pic? The beak is higher up on the face on a gander but its only a subtle difference, the shape of the body changes as the goose matures also

Good idea, Gem .
Unfortunately I don't have a good pic of the one of unknown gender
but I will take one soon if that would help .

The one on the left is definitely female ( a gift from our new member "bluesmrs" --- many thanks mrs ).
The coloured one was sold to me as female but Diz's earlier comments say it all !

This is female ( the one from bluesmrs )

Middle is female .

All look like geese, short beaks and built for laying eggs... You will have to borrow a gander if you intend hatching

Hi Gem , you were right --- all 3 have now laid eggs .
I subsequently also got what I was assured was a gander . He didn't have a keel like the other 3 but otherwise looked just the same to me .
His attitude was altogether stroppier ..... neck held stiffer and either higher ( on the look-out ) or lower ( aggressive ) than the others . However what I thought would be the most obvious give-away ie his mounting the others turned out to be misleading . Since has has been gone the females have been trying it on with each other .

( He "went" because he gave my OH a serious battering !! ) .


Indeed I would have said all females, because by looking at mine, the females have a layer of fat/skin hanging down on the belly, while male don't seem to have.

As for mounting and squatting, they are pervert and both male and female will do it !

And I have 2 ganders to go here if you want one (or the 2) ..

Be good,
Sean Ph'lib

It's easy. What you do is find something that's good for the goose, then give it to the one you're trying to sex. If that bird likes it, it must be a gander, because what's good for the goose is good for the gander.  

So its not just me then?  Up date next week.


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