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ferguson 20 TEF

Hi, I'm looking for various parts for 1956 Ferguson 20 TEF,
namely ki-gas plunger switch.
restoring it slowly but surely

Someone in the mountbellew vintage club might be able to help you out or at least know where you might get parts
artfull bodger

hello flutterby1 I run a 1953 TEF, she has'nt needed any parts for a while,I've had her about 12 years. If you're replacing the K-gass I'm presuming you're a blowin. when i was doing mine up I drove miles on goose chases for parts if I were doing it now I would buy the parts via the internet. There are a lot of good English web sites.It saves diesel and time.
I once drove 140 miles in vain looking for 4 high tensile bolts for the roll bar only to be told "use threaded bar", mild steel threaded bar to stop you getting squashed if you flip it.
I bought the Ferguson  dealer service manual, none of the local tractor boys had ever even seen such a thing.
good luck:D

Hi, Thanks Maver, have been in touch with the guys in Mountbellew, Ted was very helpful but theirs is a TVO. Cheers anyway,

artfull bodger, I have looked on the internet, and have sourced everything via www something or other. As for blowin, we are, travelled here from N.E. Uk 6 years ago, to build the house live the dream, just thought someone may have the Ki gass pump sat rusting away like they seem to over here. We do use threaded bars and wouldn't have driven 140m, we tend to source locally or have it sent down from NS tractor spares Co Tyrone.

Thanks for the advice.

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