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Cross-bred young pullets (large fowl), Clare

my little ladies have been very busy this year, so there are still some pullets up and comin'

This one is 8 weeks old, a cross between a Splash Orpington hen and either a Barnevelder or a Jubilee Orpington cockerel.

There's also a 4.5 week old one that's feathering out a rich red-brown at present; she's a cross of a Black-Copper Marans hen and dad's as above.

And there is a 4 week old one, a cross of a Barnevelder hen with a Jubilee Orp. She'll likely become a single-laced (black lace on brown feather).

Of course there are plenty cockerels as well, if anyone is interested. At present I have purebred Barnevelders and black, blue, wheaten crosses as well as one (also a cross) who looks like he'll be the colour of the Jubilee Orpingtons, i.e. brown with a black spangle and a white dot at the tip of the feathers (also called millefleur pattern or brown-porcelain).

There'll be more little crosslings to come from the mixed pen of Orps, Marans and Barnies but they are too young to be able to tell boys from girls.

All these are hatched under broodies, free-range, and fed Morrins organic chick starter plus fruit & veg. etc.
Cost is 1 Euro per week of life. Bartering considered.


The 3 pullets mentioned above were sold today and have taken up residence in Kilrush.

More to come in a while.


I now have another pullet like the one in the photo above. Parentage as above. Going on 8 weeks.

And in all likelyhood there are two more 5 week old pullets, one blue as above, one buff-brown.

Plenty cockerels also available: purebred double-laced Barnevelders (17 wks, 8 wks) as well as crossbreds from Barnevelders, Orpingtons, Marans (5-12 weeks; dark blue, black, millefleur, buff, buff-brown).

More little ones coming up, 18 in all so there's bound to be some more pullets.

All raised free-range, on Morrins organic feed, mixed organic grains from an IOFGA farm in Offaly and greens, fruit & veg, goats' whey etc.

Cost is 1 Euro per week of life. Bartering considered.


All young pullets are now sold. The last 3 went to a friend and new 'forum recruit' silver_turfer where I'm sure they will enjoy a happy life

Now all I've left in terms of young ones are cockerels.
We usually butcher surplus males but I'd be more than happy if some of them could have a life, so if anyone needs some fresh blood, this is what I have:

Barnevelder, double-laced 37 wks
Marans Cross (Red) 37 wks
Barnevelder, double-laced 22 wks
Jubilee Orpington, 21 wks
Barnevelder x Orpington (black/red) 17 wks
Marans Cross (black/red) 13 wks
Splash Orpington Cross (grey) 13 wks
2 x Barnevelder, double-laced 13 wks
Buff Orpington cross (wheaten) 10 wks
Marans Cross (reddish) 10 wks
Barnevelder x Orpington x Mix 10 wks
2 x Jubilee Orpington X Barnevelder 10 wks
Marans Cross (black&white mottled) 9 wks
Marans Cross (reddish) 9 wks
Barnevelder, double-laced 7 wks
Marans Cross, red mottled 6 wks
2 x Marans Cross (black) 6 wks

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