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Brewer's Yeast?

Once again this country is doing my head in  
I would like to include brewer's yeast in my home-mixed chicken ration for extra protein and B vits.
In Germany 'from whence I came' you can get it in 25kg bags in the farm supply places and feedstores for between 25 and 40 Euro, i.e. 1.00-1.60 Euro a kilogram.
For some strange reason, here you have to pay more than 12 Euro/kg !!!
(which puts it out of reach for me).
Why the **** is that? It's a waste-product from the beer-brewing process and it's not like we have to import it for ******* sake.

Does anyone know why this is so or whether there is a source somewhere I simply have not yet found?
I did approach the local micro-brewery >> Not interested in selling it.

that's a nice one indeed   but I'm surprised they knew what it was ...

I'll ask the shop where I buy my grain for the birds .. but I think they won't even now what it is ...


Hi Chook , I've just done a bit of googling to see whether it would be feasible to grow it . I am sure you will have done the same . All the sites I visited gave me the impression that it is a really high-tech process with special supplements and incantations . I can't believe it is that difficult / complicated .  I had a ginger beer "plant" ( culture ) when I was a kid --- come to think of it I would really like to get one now --- that increased in size  very rapidly on a diet of sugar and ground ginger . You had to squeeze it thru muslin and divide it every week or so . The culture was firm enough to handle so could have been used as feed . That is how I remember it , anyway .
As a completely off-the-wall thought , what would happen if you put a home-brew yeast pack in a bucket + lots of sugar + water + something to bulk it out and firm it up eg sugar-beet pulp pellets . Keep it warm and feed it more of the same  ?
I guess you would have to change the water regularly to prevent a build up of alcohol which would kill the yeast . I can't imagine what you might do with the waste product      .  
Hmmm , but I can imagine that some EU regulation would require you to register as a primary producer of high-octane chicken feed so we aren't advocating this on an open forum , are we !  

I would think that home produced yeast in the quantity you would need would entail opening your own brewery. Not a bad idea . With the beer drinking population of Germany I am not surprised  that the yeast is cheaper than over here. As with most things they have to be imported. Perhaps the Guinness factory would be the only source but you would have to set up a drying process?????? A new enterprise perhaps.

One of the few links I found when googling ireland "brewer's yeast" was this one
I contacted both Irish contacts last year, asking for outlets - never got a reply.
As to growing it myself - it's a good idea but not feasible for me as
- neither of us is particularly fond of beer
- I'm out of space
- keeping anything consistently warm here is impossible, hard enough to keep ourselves warm  

I'll try to approach some friends in the German forum to see would someone send me a parcel... Still much cheaper than buying it here. Ridiculous isn't it?

Update: Last year a friend helped me out and posted a bag from Germany and I used it sparingly (1% of morning mash, 2-3% would be better) for B vitamins and extra protein during the breeding season and moult, generally for improved vitality and growth of young birds.
Did a bit more phoning and mailing around and, alas, very long story very short: I have found a supplier    in Britain, an agent for the German company Leiber that produces it. I will bring in 2x25 kg for starters or more if there is interest from others.

Here are the specs:

For those of you who have German here is an article on the benefits of including brewer's yeast in poultry diets.

I seem to remember an article in 'Practical Poultry' but unfortunately they are not online.

A scientific article outlining benefits in broiler production is here:

If anyone else is interested, please let me know by PM. Shelf life is 1 year from now.


Hello Chook,

The suckler next door to me actually can find some in Ireland ..

It comes in a liquid form, in a gallon drum, and really do smell like the leftover from brewing.

It's awful sweet as he says .. and puts it on the leftover fodder and cattle go mad for it ...

He buys it from one of the farm supplies, and he calls it Molasses apparently .. I didn't know it was the same thing but what he had is definitely the left over some brewing Guinness.

Hope this helps.
I would fancy giving some to my chickens too ..


Hi Camile,
I've heard of liquid brewer's yeast as well. Problem is, it does not store well which is why it is usually dried unless it can be used up quickly.
But if he calls it molasses    ... that's something entirely different, i.e. a by-product of sugar production. If it's a by-product of brewing Guinness, then it's not molasses. He must have got that wrong.


Well it's definitely the by-product of guinness indeed .. the smell was typical of the leftover after brewing ..

so Molasses is the name they give it although it isn't ..

but then again he's 75 years old so you can't blame it for that !


Brewer's Yeast

Have  a limited supply of Brewer's Yeast available now if anyone wants some.

3.50 per kg

which compares VERY favourably with prices charged in ag. suppliers / equestrian places who charge 3-4 times as much, don't ask me why.

Best before 1/2010


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