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Farmed birds and animals ( stock )
Sheep , pigs , cattle , goats , horses . Bees . And the less conventional !
Poultry & other birds
Chickens, turkeys, ducks , gamefowl , etc.





Miscellaneous fish , fur , feather bugs , etc
horses , rabbits , deer , fish and any animals including creepy crawlies which don't belong to another specific section .
Working dogs , pets and wild things
Dogs for a specific purpose
"Working" dogs -- shepherds , retrievers , hunters , killers , guards , etc . PLEASE NOTE : Some animal lovers may be distressed by the pictures of working dogs in action .
All the ones which don't have to earn their living ( or even taste nice ! )
Flora & fauna - anything of interest
Garden , field and pond
Fruit, veg and field crops inc hay & forestry etc
This section is for ANYTHING WHICH IS CULTIVATED FOR A PRACTICAL PURPOSE . See other sections for ornamental gardening and for Wild Food and Resources .
General gardening - flowers , trees, aquatic, etc

Nature's bounty-- wild food and resources
Wild Foods
Nuts , berries , fruits , fungi ,
Wild Resources
Timber , turf , bogwood , fossils , gold and other interesting things
On the Shores
Shellfish & beachcombing .
Self sufficiency projects
Making a living : your own small business or sideline
Tell us about your own small business or sideline . Advertise your products & services . Tell others about the upsides / downsides ; trends ; opportunities
Buildings & outhouses / poly's and follies - construction, renovation, modernisation
Anything to do with making a property habitable and with modern services & facilities. Construction & maintenance of sheds, barns, polytunnels etc but see relevant sections on livestock for animal housing.
Alternative energy & fuels
Alternative energy, natural resources, processing & recycling
Grants , subsidies , benefits --- and their catches

Crafts, hobbies & pastimes
Fishing & Field Sports . All types of Vermin Control
Please note that not all of the types of vermin control mentioned here are intended as sport !
In the kitchen
Recipes , preserving , smoking , home brewing
Making and Mending , hobbies & pastimes , tools and equipment

Books , short stories , poetry
Recommend others or , better still , share your own on here . ( NB: please satisfy yourself about copyright issues before doing so )
Market Place

goods or services legally for sale or offered for free ( don't expect many of those ! )
Announce or review : Markets , shows , social gatherings , religious or pagan ceremonies , natural events .
Your picture gallery
Submit pics of your own . Show us your pet , your veg , your flowers ... even yourself if you wish . ( Tips on how to post them are included here ) .
Folklore and your own strange stories
Traditional folklore , remedies & cures , and your own strange experiences
Top Tips . Things to do ....( and to avoid doing ! )
You don't have to be an expert or write a manual . Just give us your top tips -- what to do or not to do on any subject you choose .
Chat . Non-contentious please
about pretty much anything which doesn't fit anywhere else . Topics of only temporary interest .
Contentious chat and Random Rants
The place for healthy argument but please keep it civil . NO personal abuse or your post will be deleted and you may be suspended from the forum . If you are having a rant please remember that Libel Laws apply !
Mutual Understanding
Irish to English and vice versa . Not necessarily dictionary definitions , more how words , sayings and even gestures are interpreted in the different cultures .
The Pit -- for spats , tantrums , feuds and other nonsense

Jokes and Funstuff
this forum does not claim to be politically correct and it is very open-minded . Please do not read if you are easily offended !
Forum system and structure
your comments & ideas and what we are doing about them
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